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Lasting health comes from a harmonious balance between the different systems in your body.

  • To keep your brain healthy, your heart needs to efficiently pump nutrient rich blood, which requires your digestive system to properly extract nutrients from food.
  • At the core of lasting health is immunity – the forces protecting you from outside threats like viruses, and from damaged cells that can lead to disease. 

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The simple truth: even the most health-conscious people aren’t optimizing their body for immune success.

  • Gaps in diet can impact immunity by increasing risk of illness, fatigue, and stress. Lifestyle decisions including a lack of exercise or socialization can compound these issues even further.
  • Understanding what the immune system needs to function at its best requires a complete look at what makes you, well…you.

Discover Your Healthiest Self

YourBestLife4Ever takes on a holistic health coaching approach that considers the treatment of the “whole” person, mind, body and soul. Food is an important part of health coaching, but not the only part. Holistic health coaching includes spiritual, career, relationship, stress, joy, fulfillment, balance and activity as well as the diet.

Self care and pro-active lifestyle management is an important part of health coaching.

Why You Might Want To Work With A Health Coach:

You’re considering a diet because you want to lose weight fast. A health coach has studied the dietary theories and will show you how to lose weight by adding –not subtracting. You will make gradual and sustainable changes with the help of a health coach.

Do you have food allergies, gut issues, pre-diabetes, heart problems, high cholesterol? Your health coach is trained to educate, support your medical regime and hold you accountable.

You have a doctor’s diagnosis and need help following protocol. Doctors are busy and don’t have time to hold your hand or follow you to make sure you understand and follow their instruction. That is where health coaches come in. A good health coach can work hand in hand with your doctor to help you move toward a healthier lifestyle using the guidelines your doctor establishes for you.

You want to make some changes but have a hard time sticking with it. A health coach can be the difference between dropping off early and achieving your goals.

You don’t have enough time for yourself. So many of us put so much into everyone else’s lives that we shortchange ourselves. A health coach will help with that.

You are stressed out and not dealing with it so well. Health coaches can help you to find ways to alleviate and prevent stress, can make you healthier and improve your relationships. Losing pressure can sometimes equal losing weight.

Your family needs to make some nutrition changes, and you’d like to learn some healthy, delicious and easy new recipes. Learning some new foods and meals can help you bring your family to a new and healthier level. Health coaches can provide you with recipes that are nutritious and tasty.

Your kitchen is set up with a deep fat fryer, microwave and you want to reassess your needs for a well-equipped kitchen. A kitchen makeover and grocery store tour can go a long way to get you and your family on the road to eating nutritious meals.

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What Doctors Are Saying About
Using A Health Coach…

Dr. Edward Phillips, Harvard Medicine says “a health coach helps you modify lifestyle choices to increase quality of life. they utilize small behavioral changes to improve your health.”

“Health Coaches can provide the instruction, the tools, the information, the facilitation of behavior change and of information exchange that leads to the creation of health instead of the suppression of symptoms or disease.”
Dr. Mark Hyman

“Health Coaches can provide the instruction, the tools, the information, the facilitation of behavior change and of information exchange that leads to the creation of health instead of the suppression of symptoms or disease.”Dr. Mark Hyman

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