Everyone wants to lose weight quickly, but there is no magic pill nor healthy diet that can make you thin in just a month. However, there are several ways that you can get a healthy jumpstart on your weight loss by increasing your metabolism.

Keep yourself hydrated:

This is the most basic and easiest way to jumpstart your weight loss. Drinking a lot of water and detoxifying herbal teas will help you flush all the harmful toxins from your body, boosting your metabolism by improving the efficiency of your thyroid. We all have heard that we should drink at least eight glasses of water a day.  Eight is a good rule of thumb, but some people have a difficult time getting in enough water.  If you are one of these people, try to make it a habit to drink at least five glasses of pure water daily to keep your body at its functioning best. Drinking lots of water, herbal teas, and warm lemon water, especially first thing in the morning before meals, will also curb your hunger and prevent you from overeating and binge eating.

Hot lemon water:

Hot lemon water early in the morning before breakfast helps your body to gently detox removing impurities form your kidneys and liver and fires up your metabolism. By adding a pinch of cayenne pepper to your lemon water you will be giving your metabolism an extra boost. Not only will this help with your metabolism, but it also will help give your immunity a boost to boot!

Get enough sleep:

Your diet, your workout, and all the water that you consume will go to waste if you fail to get enough quality sleep. Good sleep help to keep your hormones and your mood balanced. If your hormones and your mood are balanced, then your body will function more efficiently and will help keep all your unnecessary cravings at bay. Make sure to give yourself a peaceful night of at least eight hours.

Health shots:

Another way you can fire up your metabolism is by having a health shot of lemon, honey, ginger, and turmeric first thing in the morning. Some people may find that disgusting and although it might not taste that great, (personally, I actually don’t find it that bad) it can have a dramatic impact on your metabolism and your immunity.

Pre-workout hydration:

Drinking green tea before a workout has been said to be another easy and efficient way to burn twice the number of calories that you usually do.


Exercises that keep your heartbeat up are another way to burn a lot more calories and jumpstart your weight loss. Exercises like planks, burpees, jump rope and jumping jacks can really get your heart pumping. I myself am not a big fan of planks or burpees due to having lower back problems, but if you do not have any back or knee issues these can really give you a boost. I myself love jump roping and doing rebounding on a rebounder and rebounding is actually an excellent way to get your heart rate pumping and is actually easier on your joints.


Some studies have shown that people who have a habit of fidgeting or bouncing their knees can burn up to 500 more calories a day.

Spice is the key:

Do you love spicy food? If you do then this will be good news to you! Spicy food tends to burn more calories during digestion because it can fire up your metabolism. Add a few more spicy foods, like hot peppers, to your regular diet. You can add jalapeno in almost any dish you like, even in your eggs. Spices also add a ton of flavor to your foods with adding little to no calories.

Mindfully graze throughout the day:

Another trick is to eat five or six small meals throughout the day instead of eating three large meals. Your stomach is actually only the size of your fist, so it doesn’t really take much for to fill it up and be satisfied. Try mindfully eating small meals with the intention of being satisfied versus feeling full or stuffed, paying attention to your hunger cues. Remember that it takes a bit of time for your brain to realize that it has had enough, so if you stop once you are feeling full, then chances are you have eaten too much and soon will start feeling life you had eaten too much. If you keep mindfully eating small amounts, your body will be constantly functioning to break down that food into energy. Your body will learn to work more efficiently and you will better be able to recognize your hunger signals and you will burn more calories.

Drink black coffee once a day:

Drinking pure black coffee at least once a day will boost the rate at which your body burns calories and it helps give your your immunity a boost too. Just make sure to keep coffee in moderation, no more than 2 or 3 cups a day.

Please remember that losing weight is not meant to be an expeditious (speedy) activity; your body does not function that way, it takes time and it’s always best to lose the weight slow and steady. Once more make sure to avoid fad and crash diets that promise you quick results. If you are losing weight too fast your body probably isn’t getting enough calories or the nutrients it needs to function properly; this in turn will slow down your metabolism and then chances are you will gain the weight back and then some.  Therefore, these tips should be practiced along with a healthy balanced diet (I myself like a Mediterranean style diet, and many doctors do too) along with some exercise for best results. It may just be able to give your body that little extra boost it needs to power it into weight loss mode. And lastly also remember before starting any diet or exercise program you should always check with your healthcare provider.

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