Why should someone work with me?

I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree, INHC (Health Coach), NESTA Personal Trainer, Personal Chef, RMA Certifications, Medical Assistant Diploma, and well, I am just passionate about what I do.

After, stressful relationships that ended in divorce, stressful jobs that led to poor health caused by hypercortisolism due to too much stress that lead to hypothyroidism, prediabetes and weight gain, I had to now become my own health advocate. I returned to school, attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to study more about health, nutrition and lifestyle and graduated last March.

I’ve learned that we are all bio individuals and that there is no one size fits all diet or even a one size fits all fitness plan. What works for one person may not work for another. One persons food may be another person’s poison. One persons fitness routine may work for them, but not for another.

By no means does this mean not to exercise, but rather find something that works for you that you can stick to and enjoy. This way you will look forward to your next workout rather than it feeling like a chore.

I’ve learned about well over 100 different diet theories and have tried several of them trying to see what works for me to keep me feeling healthy, energetic and strong. I also learned to love and listen to my body, so I could quickly tell what wasn’t working for me and how to help clients do the same.

Health is not just about being at a healthy weight, it’s also about how you feel, nutritionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, socially, emotionally and having satisfaction in ones career, etcetera.

Good Health is not a destination it is a journey and YES, I am on my own personal journey to improve my own health, lose weight and get fit and to help my clients achieve their own optimal health, nutrition, wellness and lifestyle goals.

One year ago this past August I remarried a wonderful man, who encourages me and supports me 100% in everything I do. I’ve started my own coaching practice freelancing as a Health Coach and I do Private ESL tuitions on the side as well. I’ve started taking time out to self reflect, meditate and journal which help in stress reduction.

Some of you may know that I decided to follow a Ketogenic Lifestyle. It’s been two weeks now. I’m down 5kg (11 pounds) so far. I’m starting to have more energy.

Before, I was suffering from IBS with gas almost on a daily basis . After just one week of giving up all grains (breads, rice and pasta), tuber vegetables (potatoes and cartots) which are high on the glycemic index, and sugar, I will have to say that years of gas are completely gone.

I’m now gas free 😊 and I am not feeling deprived, because I am enjoying delicious whole foods: meats, fish, poultry, cheese, greek yogurt, labneh, kefir, fermented vegetables, healthy fats such as olives, olive oil, coconut oil, avocados and nuts, fresh tomatoes, mushroons, cucumbers, broccoli, cabbage and green vegetables galore, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

I’m not missing the rice or pasta as I’ve found a zero carb alternative called Slim Rice and Slim Pasta which is organic, gluten free, fat free, sugar free, made from organic konjac flour and organic oat fibre.

If your wanting to lose weight, fit into those skinny jeans or that new dress or suit, eat healthier, reduce your stress and improve your lifestyle and you need help reaching your goals contact me today.

Just DM me here or WhatsApp me at +965 508 41171

Experience the Difference of Living YourBestLife4Ever Starting Today. Coach Angela Smith (aka Angela Halliday), HBSc, INHC, RMA, Personal Trainer, Personal Chef

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